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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Welcome to Dulhun!

What does Dulhan Mean?
Dulhun also sometimes spelled Dulhan - means bride in a many south asian languages.

What is this blog about?
Dulhun is an offshoot from my blog I started off as a very simple girl who wanted to blog about my beauty finds, and then a few days ago my Mr. Right popped the question and I found myself as a bride to be :). As I started my Project - Wedding research online, I found that there weren't a lot of easily accesible resources for south asian brides, pakistani, indian, bengali . . . ect.

My goal is to share my journey and hopefully provdie some helpful tips, resources and ideas for other brides to be out there too in the process.


Lotus said...

I love the idea behind this blog- you are so right, there are not enough resources out there for desi weddings...looking forward to all of your posts!:)

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