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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wedding Inspiration: Poonam & Chirag

I came across the images from this wedding a few days ago, and I have to admit I have been a little in love with them. I've seen a lot of Desi weddings both in person, and in images and this wedding seemed to really capture my attention, down to the last detail.
I really loved the style of the bride's outfit. It's a bit traditional - She's using the "Victorian" theme of emerald and rubies in the actual bead work of her lengha and a little modern - with the cream background and the red duputta as an accent to the outfit.

One of my favorite images from their entire wedding was this picture of the bride and groom :

I like photojournalist style photography for Desi weddings, they are so festive it just seems like a shame not to capture all the little moments. I know it's important to have pictures with all of the aunties and uncles but at the end of the day it's images like this one that I want to have around my house.

Another feature from this wedding that I loved is that the bride opted for a Moroccan Style Mehndi Ceremony

It's a great way to still incorporate the vibrant Indian/South Asian colors but using more Moroccan elements : the hookah and lanterns.

To see more images from this set - and the source for images on this post go here


Lotus said...

I love the Victorian theme- makes everything look grand! Also, I fully agree with you- that pic is 1000 times better then the "traditional" auntie and uncle pics...I mean it's great, but I hate photos that are all uniform, instead I like too see creativity in the photographers choices - it is an art form, and these types of pics are so much more precious! Also, love the Moroccan element to the mehndi party! Ohh looking forward to more posts:)

ladyb said...

Thanks for checking in Lotus :)

I really am loving all the victoria insipired stuff this past season. and I am so with you on the photographs !

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